General FAQs

How can I contact Melbourne Family Hub (MFH)?

Complete our online Contact Form, email us at or call us on 0435 808 848.

Have all of your team members been screened?

Absolutely! Screening and background checks are an essential part of selecting new MFH team members. We pride ourselves on our very selective, comprehensive and detailed screening process, which consists of:

  1. In depth application.
  2. Interview with Bonnie Solomon, MFH Director.
  3. Thorough reference check.
  4. Safe Working with Children Police Check.

Is MFH an agency?

No. We do not employ any of the babysitters, tutors or homework helpers in our team. MFH does not take a percentage of the wage earned by our team. Instead, we simply charge a nominal booking fee based on the nature of each booking. Please refer to our Services Fee page for applicable booking fees.

Does it cost to register with MFH?

No, we do not charge any registration fees to use our service. There are two fees involved with using our Babysitters, Tutors and Homework Helpers: The MFH booking fee & Your MFH Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper’s rate. For current pricing please visit our Service Fees page.

How do I pay?

Booking fees: are to be paid upon submission of your booking request, by online credit card payment or by direct deposit to the Melbourne Family Hub bank account – Account Name: The Melbourne Family Hub, BSB: 013-350, Account Number: 292-301-234.
Babysitter, Tutor or Homework Helper payment: you are responsible for direct payment to the MFH team member in the form of cash, cheque or direct deposit at the time the service is provided.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes, we are able to provide gift vouchers if you wish to treat others to the fabulous care and tuition our team provides! Please contact us so we can arrange your voucher for you today.

Why do you have babysitter video messages?

The babysitter video messages provide you with a snap shot of the babysitter’s personality. We welcome you to share these messages with your children ahead of your babysitter’s arrival!

Babysitting FAQs

What is a Babysitter?

Babysitters differ from nannies in that they don’t have a regular schedule. Generally they are on-call caregivers that parents engage for a date night or similar activity. It’s good to have a few babysitters that you know and trust so that one is always free when you need to go out without the kids.

MFH Babysitters care for your children on a casual basis during the day or evening, in your home or your accommodation venue, in Melbourne. For more information about our Babysitters please visit our Babysitters page.

Will I get the same babysitter every time I book?

It is likely that your children will have a favourite MFH babysitter or two and we will endeavour to place these babysitters with you, each time you book. This will however depend on their availability. The earlier you place your booking the more likely your request will be met.

How much advance notice is required when placing a booking?

As much notice as possible! We recommend 1-2 weeks. If you have advance notice of a function we recommend you book early to secure your most preferred babysitter. However, if this is not possible we will try our best to find you that last-minute babysitter you require! The MFH last-minute booking fee will apply when a booking is placed with less than 24 hours notice.

Can I book my babysitter directly?

No. Our Babysitters have all agreed not to accept or request any form of private employment with your family. You are not permitted to approach any of our babysitters to engage them in a private arrangement. Complete our online Booking Form, email us at or call us on 0435 808 848, to place your next booking request!

How many children can one babysitter care for?

When placing a booking, you are making a commitment to your babysitter that the children to be cared for on that evening/day are members of your immediate family. If this is not the case, e.g. a booking for shared-care of children from two different families, the maximum amount of children to be present is 4. If the number of children from two families, for one booking, exceeds this number, additional babysitters will be organised and service fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Do I have to pay my babysitter’s fuel charges?

If you expect your sitter to use her/his own vehicle to transport your children, you must cover your sitter’s fuel at a rate of $0.74 per km, and will be charged this additional amount at the conclusion of the job.

Do I have to pay for my babysitter’s parking?

If you have booked a sitter for hotel babysitting, you must cover the cost of your sitter’s parking. If your hotel/serviced apartment does not allocate you a car parking space within their grounds, for the evening of your stay, we will happily suggest an affordable car-park nearby for which your sitter can utilise. You will be required to reimburse your sitter for any applicable parking fee at the conclusion of the day/evening.

Do you offer overnight babysitting?

Yes. Some of our babysitters are available for overnight stays. As the number of babysitters available for this type of work is limited we recommend that you provide us with as much notice as possible when you make such a request. Our overnight babysitting service is subject to availability.

Can I refer my babysitter on to family and friends?

No. Any referrals or subsequent bookings made as a result of your initial booking of a MFH babysitter must be made through MFH. Please direct your family and friends to our online Booking Form, if they wish to book one of our fabulous sitters!

Tutoring & Homework Help FAQs

What is the difference between a Tutor and a Homework Helper?

Tutors are skilled in specific subject areas and typically work with Secondary students who are struggling in these subject areas. In comparison, Homework Helpers are recent VCE graduates who excelled in their studies, and typically work with Primary students on general homework tasks.

Our Tutors provide one-on-one subject support and enrichment for Victorian Primary School students in Year 4 – Year 6 and Victorian Secondary School students in Year 7 – VCE. For more information about our Tutors please visit our Tutors page.

Our Homework Helpers provide one-on-one homework help for Victorian Primary School students in Prep – Year 6. For more information about our unique Homework Help service please visit our Homework Helpers page.

What subjects does MFH provide tutoring for?

We provide Tutors in all subject areas, Year 4 – VCE, including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Art, Health & Physical Education, LOTE and Information Technology.

Can I book my Tutor/Homework Helper directly?

No. Our Tutors and Homework Helpers have all agreed not to accept or request any form of private employment with your family. You are not permitted to approach any of our tutors or homework helpers to engage them in a private arrangement. Complete our online Contact Form, email us at or call us on 0435 808 848, to book in additional tutoring/homework help sessions.

How often will my Tutor/Homework Helper have sessions with my child?

This is entirely up to you! You can book your preferred Tutor/Homework Helper as often as you like provided they are available. The most popular frequency for sessions is once a week however bi-weekly is also a great option. Unfortunately we do not take bookings for fortnightly sessions – our minimum booking is for weekly sessions.