Team Member Terms & Conditions

Before accepting an invitation to join the team all of our Babysitters, Tutors and Homework Helpers are required to accept The Melbourne Family Hub Terms & Conditions set forth below. As a Melbourne Family Hub Babysitter, Tutor or Homework Helper, you must read, agree with and accept all of the Terms & Conditions contained in this Agreement. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, you will be denied application or no longer considered for work as a member of The Melbourne Family Hub team.

Unless otherwise stated;

“MFH” – shall mean The Melbourne Family Hub.

“Client” – shall mean the family or families for whom the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper undertakes duties.

“Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper” – shall mean the MFH Team Member engaged by the Client to undertake the Duties as agreed between the Parties.

“Parties” – shall mean the parties to these Terms & Conditions.

Bookings & Referrals

  1. All bookings will be made directly through MFH. Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers will not take bookings from Clients or Client’s friends. Where future bookings are required, the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper must advise the Client to contact MFH directly.
  1. At no point will a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper give the Client her/his phone number, email etc. or provide any private information to the Client, for the purposes of private employment, as there is a contractual agreement between the Client and MFH to book the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper through MFH.
  1. Any Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper found giving their phone number, email etc. to the Client, for the purposes of private employment, will not be considered for future referrals to Clients and will be liable to pay the MFH booking fee themselves; the amount of the booking fee will depend upon the nature and duration of the employment arrangement.
  1. MFH shall make every reasonable effort to provide every Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper with suitable 
employment referrals.
  1. MFH will provide a fair and equal opportunity to every Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper by ensuring they
rotate referrals and recommendations to Clients – however, many Clients select their Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper based on candidate profiles, video messages, or specific requirements and unfortunately MFH cannot control how Clients make their final preferences.
  1. No Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper is obligated to accept any referral to, or job from, any Client to which MFH refers the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper on to.


Cancellations & Booking Changes

  1. The Client shall notify MFH of any changes to the times, dates and duties to be undertaken by the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper at least 24 hours before the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper commences.
  1. If a Client cancels a booking within 24 hours of the Babysitting, Tutoring or Homework Help session, the Client is required to pay a Cancellation Fee (see below).
  1. The cancellation policy will be enforced upon Clients at MFH’s discretion.


Pre-existing Clients

  1. MFH understands that some Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers wishing to submit an application for the opportunity to join the MFH team may already have existing clients. Therefore, MFH takes no issue with Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers who continue to service these existing clients.
  1. However, MFH does expect that any potential new Clients a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper may acquire be directed to MFH for booking and consequent referral.



  1. MFH does not directly employ any Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers – we are simply an agency who refers Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers to potential Clients. MFH is not responsible for payment of a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper’s wages, nor can MFH guarantee a set number of referrals. Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers are self-employed.
  1. The Client, on completion of work, will pay wages directly to the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper. It is the responsibility of the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper to ensure this amount is correct and paid in full at the time of payment. MFH cannot accept liability for loss of wages.
  1. The practical arrangements of pay that a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper enters into with the Client are the responsibility of the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper.
  1. The hourly charge of any Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper is set by MFH. Any Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper who charges the Client a different rate than is advertised by MFH to the Client, will no longer be considered a member of the MFH team and denied future referral to Clients.
  1. No Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper is required to pay any fees to secure work through MFH. All referral fees shall be the obligation of the Client.


Statutory Requirements

  1. All Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers have a responsibility to comply with the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 and successor legislation.
  1. MFH acts as a referrer, not an employer. MFH is not responsible for a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper’s Taxation, Superannuation or other statutory entitlements.



  1. MFH is not responsible for any insurance cover for Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers. MFH suggest all Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers consider taking out Public Liability Insurance through ‘Nanny Sure’.



  1. As an agency, MFH does not accept any responsibility for accident, injury, illness or damage sustained by Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers, Clients or any other persons. On acceptance of a Babysitting, Tutoring or Homework Help job, the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper agrees to the condition that MFH is excluded from liability should a mishap occur.


Travel Expenses 

  1. All Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers shall be responsible for any, and all, travel expenses and travel arrangements involved with any referral the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper may accept.



  1. All Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers who are successfully registered with MFH are required to provide MFH with details of their availability on a weekly basis. It is compulsory for all Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers to complete the weekly availability chart emailed across every Sunday
  1. Should Condition 1 be ignored, the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper will no longer be considered a member of the MFH team and denied future referral to Clients.


Candidate Video Messages

  1. All Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers must agree to allow MFH to short list their video message to potential Clients in the event they are a deemed by MFH to be a suitable candidate for a Client’s specific booking request.
  1. Candidate video messages allow potential Clients to make an informed choice when preferentially ordering candidates available for their booking request.
  1. Every Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper will be consulted regarding the content of their video message following a successful interview and invitation to join the MFH team.



  1. MFH is committed to protecting the privacy of all Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers. When a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper deals with MFH, either as a result of a direct approach or in response to an advertisement, they are doing so with the knowledge that MFH will only use their personal information for one of two purposes; securing work for a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper, or finding a suitable Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper for a Client to engage.
  1. Personal information can include contact details, references, opinions about employment history, your work experiences or performance, and any other information obtained by MFH in seeking to secure work for a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper or referring an appropriate Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper to a Client for employment.
  1. Personal information may include sensitive information, which may include information or opinion about any criminal records or health issues. Sometimes the collection of this information is important to a particular job/s.
  1. MFH collects personal information directly from a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper when they submit the MFH online application or fill out MFH forms, during an interview, and each time MFH has contact with a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper.
  1. Upon submitting personal information to MFH the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper consents to the possibility of this personal information being disclosed to potential employers, referees and former employers.
  1. MFH will never give Clients or potential Clients a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper’s personal contact details.
  1. If, for any reason, a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper decides not to provide certain personal information, MFH may be restricted in their ability to refer that Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper onto Clients.


MFH Conduct & Behaviour

  1. On occurring a referral it is vitally important for the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper to call the Client 24 hours before the requested time/date of the job. This call is to introduce themselves, reconfirm start/finish times, address/directions and ask of any special requirements. They may also like to confirm the total cost payable to them (as Babysitters/Tutor/Homework Helper) so there are no discrepancies at the end of the placement.
  1. All Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers must be contactable by phone during the hours that they have children in their care. If this is not possible the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper must advise MFH so that alternative arrangements can be discussed and put in to place.
  1. No Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper is to ever turn up to a placement under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  1. On absolutely no occasion is a Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper permitted to have any friends, family or partners on the job with them. If this does happen, then the Babysitter/Tutor/Homework Helper will immediately cease to be part of the MFH team and denied future referral to Clients.
  2. All Babysitters are the primary caregiver of the Client’s children, and under no circumstances are they to leave the children alone. It is the responsibility of the Babysitter to keep the children’s environment safe and happy.
  1. All Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers must always take into consideration that the Client’s home/hotel room is not their own house/hotel room. They must always respect the Client’s privacy and leave the working environment as they found it. The Client’s private telephone is not to be used except under emergency situations.


Means for Refusing Referral

  1. MFH reserves the right to deny referral or refrain from referring Babysitters/Tutors/Homework Helpers who;

(i)         Fail to meet MFH selection criteria.

(ii)        Fail to turn up for scheduled interviews as arranged with either MFH or a Client.

(iii)       Fail to conduct themselves in a responsible and mature manner when undertaking placements referred by MFH.

(iv)       Fail to update MFH on their current address, contact details and availability.

(v)        Arranges private work placements with current MFH Clients, without MFH permission.



  1. For the avoidance of doubt, notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, nothing in this agreement is intended to give rise to a partnership, joint venture, employer/employee or principal and agent relationship. MFH is simply a referral service to facilitate placement.