Being a Babysitter

A babysitter is someone who temporarily cares for children on behalf of the children’s parents or guardians. Formal childcare training is not required to become a babysitter however a strong awareness of children’s safety and well being is essential. Several of our babysitting team members are trained in the fields of education and health. Others are career nannies or mothers who have their own children or even grandchildren.

Families who utilise Melbourne Family Hub’s babysitting service do so because they seek enthusiastic, capable and reliable babysitters. Our babysitters are booked for casual daytime care, casual evening care and overnight stays. They also provide last-minute care when children are sick and unable to attend daycare/school or when a family’s regular nanny is unavailable.

Responsibilities of a babysitter:

  • Ensure the children are always safe and well supervised.
  • Prepare simple meals.
  • Settle the children into bed.
  • Read stories and play games.
  • Change nappies and give bottles.
  • Regularly check on sleeping infants and children.
  • Model appropriate behaviour.
  • Adopt consistent behavioural management techniques in line with the household’s parenting philosophies.
  • Clean up after yourself and the children.
  • Administer medication, only when and if instructed by the parents.
  • Transport children, only when and if requested by the parents.

If you are thinking about becoming a Melbourne Family Hub babysitter, please know that we look for the following characteristics in applicants:

  • Genuine enthusiasm for working with children
  • Responsible and mature
  • Patient, nurturing and engaging approach toward children
  • Punctuality and reliability
  • Strong communication skills
  • Sound knowledge and awareness of child safety
  • Respect towards a family’s privacy

Melbourne Family Hub’s Babysitter application criteria:

  • Aged 16 years+
  • Experienced in working with children (minimum 6 months)
  • Child related references (minimum 2)
  • Character related references (minimum 1)
  • Working With Children Police Check
  • National Police Check
  • First Aid Certification
  • 100 points of identification (passport, driver licence, birth certificate or any other form of photo ID)
  • Current CV/resume

Being a Tutor

Students and parents often seek tutoring because of the lack of attention teachers are able to provide in the normal classroom environment. As a skilled tutor, you can provide individual attention and learning support outside of school hours.

A tutor’s role is varied. Their job can involve helping a student understand concepts, identify their strengths and weaknesses, add to what they have learnt in class, check their progress, create a plan of action to help them improve, encourage discipline and focus, and teach them study and organisational skills. Successful student/tutor relationships develop from trust. It is essential tutors foster a safe learning environment whereby their students feel confident to ‘have a go’ even if they are unsuccessful in their attempts.

We pride ourselves on having a professional and skilled tutoring team who vary in their levels of experience. Melbourne Family Hub tutors provide one-on-one support to Primary School students in Year 4 – Year 6 and Secondary School students in Year 7 – VCE, in all subject areas including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Art, Health and Physical Education, LOTE and Information Technology.

We have three sub-teams of tutors:

  • Entry Level Tutors: 1st and 2nd year university students who are academically talented.
  • Specialist Level Tutors: 3rd/4th year university students and postgraduate students who specialise in the subject area/s in which they are tutoring.
  • Premium Level Tutors: Formally trained and certified teachers who are highly competent and skilled in their respective subject area/s.

Responsibilities of a tutor:

  • Help work through homework problems.
  • Exam/test preparation.
  • Reading instruction/recovery.
  • Assessment of a student’s learning strengths and weaknesses.
  • Teaching a variety of learning strategies.
  • Building a student’s skills in a subject area.
  • Communicating with a student’s teacher.
  • Improving a student’s grades.
  • Providing parents with progress reports.

If you are thinking about becoming a Melbourne Family Hub Tutor, please know that we look for the following characteristics in applicants:

  • Academically talented
  • Patient
  • Success oriented attitude
  • Affirming nature
  • Enthusiasm for learning/teaching
  • Well prepared and organised
  • Reliable and punctual

Melbourne Family Hub’s Tutor application criteria:

  • Aged 18 years+
  • Skilled in your subject area/s
  • Work related references (minimum 2)
  • Character related references (minimum 1)
  • Working With Children Police Check
  • National Police Check
  • 100 points of identification (passport, driver licence, birth certificate or any other form of photo ID)
  • Current CV/resume

Being a Homerwork Helper

The word ‘homework’ can spark an instant battle between parents and children. This is why Melbourne Family Hub offers families a unique Homework Help service.

Homework Helpers provide primary aged children (Prep to Year 6) with weekly one-on-one support to help them with the completion of general homework tasks and additional literacy/numeracy work provided by their classroom teacher. Our Homework Helpers are considered ‘fun’ and ‘kool’ in the eyes of their students, transforming homework into a positive learning experience.

Our Homework Help team is largely comprised of Year 12 students, 1st Year University students and 2nd Year University students. Our Homework Helpers are young, enthusiastic and creative. They are confidence builders who motivate children to produce their best effort in a timely manner.

If you are thinking about becoming a Melbourne Family Hub Homework Helper, please know that we look for the following characteristics in applicants:

  • Academically talented
  • Patient
  • Affirming and encouraging attitude
  • Enthusiasm for learning/teaching
  • Reliable and punctual

MFH application criteria:

  • Aged 17 years+
  • Work related references (minimum 1)
  • Character related references (minimum 2)
  • Working With Children Police Check
  • National Police Check
  • 100 points of identification (passport, driver licence, birth certificate or any other form of photo ID)
  • Current CV/resume
Working for MFH is a fun and rewarding experience. Bonnie is extremely well organised and the booking process is effortless. There is seamless communication and Bonnie is always available and approachable. I can’t speak more highly of the families that MFH work with, the kids have always been fun and happy, and the parents relaxed and friendly - it is obvious that they are confident in the sitters that Bonnie provides. I really enjoy babysitting with MFH and would definitely recommend joining to anyone who loves working with children and wants to earn a little extra money
- Molly M. -
I love working at MFH as a sitter because of the convenient and professional way that the bookings are organised and because I have never had an unkind family to work for. I really enjoy going to my bookings because I always know exactly what I am walking into - a lovely family environment where everyone's expectations are fulfilled. Bonnie is the most amazing person to work for - she is so dedicated and organised and always very responsive to any questions that I may have. MFH was recommended to me by a friend and I would also highly recommend MFH to any other prospective sitters
- Rachael C. -
Working with Bonnie is a delight.  Communication is always clear and prompt and I’m never left wondering where I should be or when.  Bonnie spends time developing great relationships with all the MFH families, which is why they continue to request MFH babysitters.
- Deb M -
Bonnie always makes me smile; every interaction we have is positive and she always checks in with how I am and how my time was if I have looked after a new family. I love the ease of communication through text messages, emails and conversations - Bonnie is very reliable and available. I love that if I am going to work for a new family that I haven't met yet, they receive my personal video and I love when I am greeted with warm friendly smiles and the families seem so relaxed and happy to have me in their homes because they get to know a little bit about me prior to meeting them
- Sarah P. -
My name is Melissa and I have been apart of the MFH team for over 2 years and have enjoyed every moment, especially meeting director Bonnie. I knew immediately that working for Bonnie would be a perfect fit for me as we both strive to give 100% care to the families we work for. Bonnie is professional as well as caring and considerate, to the needs of both her clients & sitters. Meeting amazing families along the way has been so lovely and I have encouraged my fellow nanny & babysitting friends to join Bonnie's team as the families are always lovely & the work is enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending families & sitters to join Melbourne Family Hub
- Melissa S -
Bonnie is always so clear in her communication both individually and as a team. I love that jobs are communicated on a daily basis and if you have the availability you can opt in to work. I love that each family and the babysitter always get a copy of the terms and conditions of the booking along with the babysitter’s video message. It has been relayed to me on more than one occasion by the parents that they love watching the video messages and showing the kids so their family are comfortable before meeting their babysitter
- Katie W -
I have loved working for all the families I have been placed with through Melbourne Family Hub. I have made very strong friendships and bonds with some of the families I work with regularly. I think for families it is very reassuring when seeking a babysitter to go through a repubtable agency such as Melbourne Family Hub as they have they peace of mind and security that all team members are screened and have the experience required to care for their kids
- Katie W -
I love working with kids, it is something I am so passionate about, so when one of my friends recommended MFH I immediately contacted Bonnie to see if I could join the team. What I most love about MFH is having the opportunity to babysit for families and meeting lots of fun and friendly little kiddies. The best part of MFH is the communication from Bonnie to the team, keeping us posted daily about new roles and opportunities and the option to reply and advise if you are available for a job or not. It is a great way to earn some extra cash, be part of a great team and meet some amazing families
- Katie W -
I have recommended working for Bonnie and the MFH to many of my friends and will continue to do so, because as a full time teacher, I love the flexibility and friendliness Bonnie and the MFH provide me. I know every time that I will be working for a MFH family they care and respect me as a professional and value my time
- Sarah P. -
I absoloutely love working for Bonnie and the MFH! Bonnie is one of the most friendly, personable and organised people that I know. As a casual babysitter working for Bonnie, I love the flexibility and the amount of reliable work that I am able to do. Every family I have met through the MFH have been really great to work for, many have made me feel like part of the family
- Sarah P. -