Our Team

Melbourne Family Hub is home to a hand-picked team of capable and trustworthy Babysitters, Tutors and Homework Helpers. We do not employ any babysitter, tutor or homework helper. We are a referral agent and NOT your employer. As a Babysitter, Tutor or Homework helper, you are a contractor, responsible for your own tax obligations.

The dream of Melbourne Family Hub is that families in Melbourne can experience delightful, memorable and rewarding moments with their Babysitter, Tutor or Homework Helper. Every week we welcome passionate, talented Babysitters, Tutors and Homework Helpers into the Melbourne Family Hub, carefully establishing a team of individuals that Melbourne families will treasure and love forever and ever.

A Babysitter, Tutor or Homework Helper search is never an easy process for a family. A parent needs to feel confident that the individual they select is the right fit for their family. They may see advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet; however, when it comes to making a decision, Melbourne Family Hub understands that they need more.

We endeavour to attract the highest calibre Babysitters, Tutors and Homework Helpers whom parents can trust and comfortably welcome into their family. This is what sets Melbourne Family Hub apart.

We pride ourselves on our very selective, comprehensive and detailed screening process. We thoroughly interview and assess every Babysitter, Tutor and Homework Helper prior to joining our team. Our selection method for all new Babysitters, Tutors and Homework Helpers, involves a rigorous screening and interview process. This includes a comprehensive application, a face-to-face interview, a thorough reference check and a compulsory Safe Working With Children Police Check.

Our team members are the heart and soul of our business. We look after you, and you look after our clients. Our 200+ team members love working with us, but, don’t take our word for it…

Working for MFH is a fun and rewarding experience. Bonnie is extremely well organised and the booking process is effortless. There is seamless communication and Bonnie is always available and approachable. I can’t speak more highly of the families that MFH work with, the kids have always been fun and happy, and the parents relaxed and friendly - it is obvious that they are confident in the sitters that Bonnie provides. I really enjoy babysitting with MFH and would definitely recommend joining to anyone who loves working with children and wants to earn a little extra money
- Molly M. -
Bonnie is always so clear in her communication both individually and as a team. I love that jobs are communicated on a daily basis and if you have the availability you can opt in to work. I love that each family and the babysitter always get a copy of the terms and conditions of the booking along with the babysitter’s video message. It has been relayed to me on more than one occasion by the parents that they love watching the video messages and showing the kids so their family are comfortable before meeting their babysitter
- Katie W -
Bonnie always makes me smile; every interaction we have is positive and she always checks in with how I am and how my time was if I have looked after a new family. I love the ease of communication through text messages, emails and conversations - Bonnie is very reliable and available. I love that if I am going to work for a new family that I haven't met yet, they receive my personal video and I love when I am greeted with warm friendly smiles and the families seem so relaxed and happy to have me in their homes because they get to know a little bit about me prior to meeting them
- Sarah P. -
Working with Bonnie is a delight.  Communication is always clear and prompt and I’m never left wondering where I should be or when.  Bonnie spends time developing great relationships with all the MFH families, which is why they continue to request MFH babysitters.
- Deb M -
I absoloutely love working for Bonnie and the MFH! Bonnie is one of the most friendly, personable and organised people that I know. As a casual babysitter working for Bonnie, I love the flexibility and the amount of reliable work that I am able to do. Every family I have met through the MFH have been really great to work for, many have made me feel like part of the family
- Sarah P. -